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Sample Letter of Non Renewal of Lease Contract

A non-renewal of lease contract letter is a written notice given by a landlord to a tenant indicating that the lease agreement will not be renewed at the end of its term. At times, both the landlord and the tenant may decide to terminate the lease agreement. However, if the landlord desires to terminate the agreement, they can serve the tenant with a non-renewal of lease contract letter.

The letter of non-renewal of lease contract should be written in a courteous and professional tone. The letter should explain the reason behind the non-renewal of the lease agreement. The landlord should also provide the tenant with adequate notice of the non-renewal as per the terms of the lease agreement.

Here are some guidelines for writing a non-renewal of lease contract letter:

1. Start with a salutation

Address the letter appropriately by starting with the tenant`s name and a polite salutation, such as „Dear [tenant`s name]“.

2. State the reason for non-renewal

The letter should clearly state the reason for the non-renewal of the lease agreement. A common reason for non-renewal is the landlord`s decision to sell the property or utilize it for personal use. In such cases, the letter should provide a brief explanation of the circumstances that have led to the non-renewal.

3. Provide necessary details

The letter should clearly state the date on which the lease agreement will come to an end. If the tenant is required to vacate the property by a certain date, the letter should state this as well. The letter should also provide any necessary details such as how to return the keys and how the security deposit will be handled.

4. Thank the tenant

It is essential to thank the tenant for their tenancy and cooperation during the lease agreement. This will help to leave a good impression on the tenant and maintain cordial relations.

5. Close the letter

The letter should be closed by offering the tenant any assistance they require during the transition period. It is also important to provide contact information in case the tenant has any questions or concerns.

In conclusion, a non-renewal of lease contract letter should be courteous and professional. It should state the reason for the non-renewal, provide necessary details, thank the tenant and offer assistance during the transition period. By following these guidelines, landlords can ensure that the non-renewal of the lease agreement is handled in a professional manner that maintains the integrity of the relationship between the landlord and tenant.